Tricks of the Light / Sleight Of Hand

I'm working on a new project and have been for a while. Featuring new songs including co-writes, the project is provisionally called 'Tricks of the Light' or 'Sleight Of Hand' and is now available for pre-order.

It's a work in progress and there is no release date as yet. It will be made available either as a full album or possibly as a couple of EPs which then become a full album. Whatever happens, preordering will mean you get copies of it in the forms made available as it evolves!

Pre-ordering ensures you will be the first to get your hands on the CD when it is available, and helps to fund the recording. You will also receive an invitation to a launch event. Premium pre-orders also include access to an exclusive area of the website showing the development of the album, copies of my two previous albums and your name in the album credits.

Premium Pre-order

  • CD copy of Octagon and Still Life
  • CD copy of the new album when available
  • Access to a premium pre-order section of the website featuring a blog about the project, demo songs and video of the work in progress
  • Your name in the album credits
  • Invitation to a launch event

Standard Pre-order

  • CD copy of the new album when available
  • Invitation to a launch event
Premium Pre-order - £25
Standard Pre-order - £10
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