Released in 2008, Dayve's new album Octagon includes 10 new songs and a bonus live track. You can hear songs from Octagon on the music player. Octagon is available from the shop as a limited edition release, currently exclusive to this website and live shows.

Produced by Nigel Stonier, the majority of the album was recorded at The Loft in Liverpool and features backing vocals from Thea Gilmore.

Octagon by Dayve Dean
  1. Follow
  2. Ordinary
  3. I Could Be Happy With You
  4. Starting Line
  5. Lizard Skin
  6. Tell You
  7. I Don't Want To Be That Man Anymore
  8. Like Jimmy Did (live at The Loft)
  9. Waters
  10. Another Christmas
  11. Ride


Another Christmas EP

The Another Christmas EP was released on 17 December 2007 and features three songs: Another Christmas, a new Christmas song taken from the new Octagon album; Christmas Ghost, a new version of the song originally from Still Life; and River, a cover of the Joni Mitchell classic. Available now from iTunes, Napster and www.indiestore.com/dayvedean

Another Christmas by Dayve Dean
  1. Another Christmas
  2. Christmas Ghost
  3. River

Still Life

Recorded in 2000, the debut album Still Life contains thoughtful, mainly guitar based folk/pop with elements of dance music, taking inspiration from artists such as Crowded House, REM and Aimee Mann. It was produced by Nigel Stonier. Available now from iTunes, Napster and CD Baby.

Still Life by Dayve Dean
  1. Lie To Yourself
  2. If You Don't Trust Me
  3. Innocent
  4. Like Jimmy Did
  5. The Beginning of the War
  6. Still Life
  7. End of the Day
  8. Heaven
  9. Christmas Ghost
  10. The Same Road
  11. Out of my Hands
  12. Dream


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